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01:08am 14/08/2020
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This journal is mostly friends-only. MySpace Tracker
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08:38am 28/12/2013
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Is anybooooooooooooody still out heeeeeeeeere?

Merry Christmas, BTW!!
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I need your opinions :)   
07:44pm 26/01/2013
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Poll #1892688 Walking away from an argument

Do you think it's healthy to walk away from an argument even though the other person wants to continue?

Yes. You have the right to do that for the sake of your own peace of mind.
No, it's very rude and disrespectful to the other person.
Not if it's somebody who is in charge of you (eg boss, supervisor)

If a family member wants to continue an argument, should you stay and let them vent?

If the family member considers themself an authority over you (eg parent, grandparent, or spouse) then yes. If it's a child or sibling, no.
If it's run it's course and you feel you need to leave the room, then it's okay to leave, regardless of how the family member member views their authority over you.
Yes in all cases.
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A liturgy by St. Mark   
12:22am 12/01/2013
  This is one of the oldest liturgies in existence. It was originally written by the Apostle Mark:
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Refreshing find   
02:24pm 01/01/2013
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This blog article covers pretty much my stance on gay marriage and how I think Christians, who believe in the word of God (and the Word of God), should respond. Not legalism, not anger, not judgmentalism, but definitely not proponents of:
My personality, apparently..   
03:12pm 23/12/2012
  The phlegmatic-melancholic is introverted (though less so than the melancholic-phlegmatic), which means that his deep emotions and anxieties tend not to be clearly expressed. They tend to react extremely slowly when confronted by antagonism or strong emotions. They are personable, quiet, and gentle. They value harmonious relationships. When you are first entering a relationship with a phlegmatic-melancholic, you may be struck by how easy-going and agreeable they are, but be aware that they are not revealing the depth of their emotions to you. They are deeply sensitive and value harmony and high ideals within a relationship. As a result of his delayed and sometimes dull response, a phlegmatic-melancholic will be slower to speak out, tempted to procrastinate, and reticent. They may appear – or believe themselves -- at times to be “lazy.” At times when the melancholic aspect dominates, he will have plenty of time in which mull over in his mind what his response should have been. He may become easily offended (though he may not reveal this to you) or discouraged. The phlegmatic attentiveness to relationships, and to getting along and keeping the peace, will “take the edge off” some of the melancholic tendency to perfectionism and critical judgments of others. On the other hand, because he may be more easily offended, he may want to be critical of others yet hesitant to confront directly. The dominance of the phlegmatic temperament may also drive the melancholic proclivity to order and neatness out of the picture.

If you are a phlegmatic-melancholic, you will show a cooperative spirit and a desire to please, and will value harmonious relationships. You are particularly gifted in teaching, mediating among groups, and at counseling individuals. And though yours isn’t the most dynamic temperament, your lack of defensiveness, calmness under pressure, and gift for mediation in critical situations can make you a very effective servant-leader, one who is willing to roll up his sleeves and work along with those he leads by example.

This temperament combination can face at times a greater challenge to his confidence than other temperaments (especially the choleric or sanguine). For this reason, when you are facing a major challenge or have been given a multi-faceted and demanding project, it will be absolutely critical for you to maintain your level of energy and motivation — not to mention your prayer life-- to complete the project. You will want to anticipate the way your moods can get you off track, and take concrete steps to maintain accountability in order to remain focused and energized throughout the task. Motivational tapes, exercise and a healthy diet, spiritual guidance, and a strong sacramental life will be critical. You will also need to maintain your focus on the big picture at all times, and not be distracted by the “urgent” demands of the moment, or by what other people may ask of you. To this end, it is always wise to seek regular professional, personal, and spiritual guidance from qualified individuals. In order for the phlegmatic temperament to achieve success and reach his goals, he should always work with a motivational program that provides structure, inspires confidence, and ensures accountability.

If you are phlegmatic-melancholic, it’s likely that you are a bit more upbeat than the melancholic-phlegmatic, a little less introverted, more trusting, slightly less moody, more generous with your time, and a more gracious host. You will rarely find yourself angry (though your feelings may be easily hurt), forgive more readily, and do not hold onto hurts in the same way that a more dominantly melancholic temperament would. You are compassionate, sensitive, caring, and tend to gravitate to the helping professions. You are a patient and caring teacher. You are not as “perfectionist” as a pure melancholic, and generally struggle with organization, planning, and a tendency to procrastinate. You find it difficult to set limits or turn someone down who asks a favor of you; you may be especially drawn to volunteer or missionary work, the apostolate, or other works of mercy. Though very generous, you may find it difficult to set priorities or limits. Your phlegmatic side makes it hard to say “no” – although you really want to. Sometimes your generosity can result in not enough time to “get organized,” be prepared, or to relax. Burn-out and feeling overwhelmed may result.

If your temperament is phlegmatic-melancholic, for a better understanding of your temperament it is recommended that you read the full descriptions of the phlegmatic and melancholic.
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Queen James Bible?   
01:55pm 19/12/2012
  "This new version updates several passages from the original version that address homosexuality, including this passage from Leviticus 18:22:

KJV: Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is an abomination.

QJV: Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind in the temple of Molech: it is an abomination. (Page 75)"*

Wow. So if you don't like it, change it. Did these translators and editors ever think to question what God would think of that? I mean, in all honesty, it only matters what God thinks, not how the conservative right or the liberal left thinks, not how James Dobson thinks, not how the LGBTQ community thinks. God's the one in charge of our eternal souls, after all.

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07:38pm 27/09/2012
  Since St. Michael's feast day is coming up...I refer you to chaz_lehmann's sermon  Pretty sweet!  
Prayer Requests   
07:15pm 27/09/2012
  October 1st is the National Day of Prayer. Normally, I wouldn't think much about that particular day, except maybe say a brief prayer if I happened to hear about in time. However, given that I work for a Christian humanitarian organization, I have heard all about it and am getting prepared to like, pray and stuff (haha I've been watching too much Beavis and Butthead!:p). We will be closing the center and praying about different things the whole day. So, if you have any prayer requests, please let me know. Comments will be screened. Or, you can send me a message if you prefer. I won't share with anybody else unless you want others to pray for you too.  
07:12pm 24/09/2012
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Poll #1868352 'The Master'

Have you seen 'The Master' yet?

Uhm yeah, every time I look in the mirror. Duh!
What's 'The Master'?
Uhm, no, I'm not interested in finding out about Tom Cruise's freaky religion.
Too busy with life, no.

If you've seen it, what'd you think?

5 stars!! A must see!
Joaquin Phoenix was HAWT.
Boring. A waste of 10 bucks.
Not worth the money to see in theater.
Ron L Hubbard was a fascinating person. Definitely worth watching.

If you haven't seen it yet, are you planning to?

Yeah, but I'm gonna wait till it comes out on Netflix or cable tv..
Yes! *looking up specialty theaters now*
Frick no. Scientologists are freaks, dude!
Nah, I have better movies to watch with my time.
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Wow, pretty snarky from   
11:15pm 27/08/2012

I find this billboard pretty offensive. I'm sick of people referring to God as sadistic, as if he enjoys watching humanity suffer. What a load of crap.Obviously such people have only read the parts in the Bible that are about war and capital punishment. (BTW, the deaths of 60 million unborn children in the U.S. since 1973 make OT violence look like a picnic in comparison. Of course, it's okay for abortion providers to kill, just not God. He doesn't have the right, apparently)I guess they should just throw the baby out with the bathwater and ignore all the passages about God's concern for the poor and his mercy towards a people who didn't deserve it. I'm also sick of people ignoring the wonderful work the Church has done for the poor and disenfranchised, and instead only focusing on some of her members' hate and "hate"*. For us Christians, I don't think the right thing to do is react in hate though and threaten this organization. The best way we can reflect that God loves everybody (and is not sadistic) is to turn the other cheek.

*"hate"=having an opinion about a controversial matter (usually something to do with sex!) that is at odds with secularism and liberalism.
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11:10pm 09/08/2012
  Really interesting (and good!) article about creation and science. Through scientific discoveries from the expansion of the universe to fossilized remains of homo erectus and habilis to DNA and to the half-life of the elements in a rock, God is telling us how and when He made the universe, and as in Galileo's day, many people in the Church are rejecting what He has revealed and is continuing to reveal simply because it doesn't fit the way they've learned to interpret the Scriptures. If we love God, we have to trust that He's telling us the truth and that He doesn't lie about how he made the universe.  
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12:49pm 01/08/2012
  I signed this:

A petition for the Church to continue lovingly and boldly teaching the Church's values in spite of cultural backlash and opposition, from outside and sadly from within. Of course, no church petition is truly effective without prayer.

Note: I support the Church's bold expression of truth. I don't necessarily think the Church should get into marriage politics outside of Christianity. That's not really what we're called to do.
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11:30pm 10/07/2012
  Huh, I don't consider myself a democrat. I'm not voting for President Obama, any way.

You are a

Social Moderate
(43% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(30% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test
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10:34am 08/07/2012
  Have you ever noticed how a lot of models/actresses just look *too perfect*? Like, they've had plastic done and everything is perfectly proportional and in place. Is it just me, or is near perfect symmetry kind of boring?  
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#1 Anticancer Vegetable |   
09:59am 04/07/2012
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Start eating spinach, beet, and garlic salads!
Shared from linguaphiles   
05:34pm 23/06/2012
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Bwaahahaha ;p ROFL 


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Team World Vision: Seattle Rock n Roll 2012   
02:27pm 23/06/2012
  Team World Vision: Seattle Rock n Roll 2012

I'm just letting everyone know that I have joined Team World Vision for the Seattle Rock n Roll half marathon. All donations go towards providing clean water in Africa. Several thousand children die each day due to lack of access to clean water; additionally, accessibility often determines whether a child will go to school or spend his/her day walking several miles to collect the nearest (often contaminated) source of water.

I am accepting donations and/or more importantly, prayers. Running 13 miles will be difficult, but I am so thankful for the opportunity to do something to help. All glory to God!

 Thank you for taking the time to read this.=)
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Discerning the lies in jesusfreaks   
07:59pm 19/06/2012
mood: determined
"Always test posts in any community (including jesusfreaks) against what the bible says."

The Bible says not to bear false witness. Calling Catholics satan worshipers/cannibals/goddess worshipers/necromancers is a horrible lie.

The Catholic Church repudiates Satan.

The Catholic Church takes Jesus' words literally: "This is my body/This is the blood of the New Covenant." However, this doesn't mean that we think we're ingesting Jesus' DNA. We let Jesus work out the mystery.

The Catholic Church holds that Mary is not a goddess, but a created human being whom God appointed to bear the Son.   There are no goddesses in the Catholic Church.

There is only one God, in three persons; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The Catholic Church is against all forms of witchcraft/magic, including necromancy. Asking Christians to intercede in prayer for us, whether they are Christians on earth or in heaven, is a far, far cry from witchcraft/necromancy. Necromancy is described here:

Shame on those in the community who unrepentantly perpetuate lies and then claim Jesus' name in the community title for their web of deceit.
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01:12pm 14/06/2012
  One thing that bothers me about the secular scientific world is that not only does it expect everybody to believe in Evolutionary Theory, it also expects everybody to reject Anthropic Principles and the teleological argument. To reject these is to reject a wise Creator and make a move towards Deism and/or agnosticism/atheism. In this sense, theists are being ridiculed for believing that God created the Earth for life and that the solar system was purposely created in a way to sustain life on Earth.

In the same sense that I don't have a problem with acknowledging the old age of the earth or the existence of transitional fossils and homo erectus/habilis, I don't have a problem with Evolutionary Theory per se--but I am not happy to have an atheist agenda pushed on me. I do believe that God created humans in His image, I do believe we are fearfully and wonderfully made, and I do believe the heavens declare the glory of God. I also have no problem reconciling natural selection with creation. God can and does use natural selection in nature--for example, just look at how animals are able to camouflage themselves to avoid being eaten and how bodies naturally develop immunity to viruses and disease.Survival of the fittest doesn't disprove a Creator by any means. Additionally, the complex creation of any living creature, what with every system it entails-eg digestive, cardiovascular, integumentary, nervous-- is a valid argument for believing a creator god exists. Does this mean I reject science? Of course not. I absolutely reject the notion that it is illogical to believe that a wise Creator exists.
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